Thyagaraja’s Bhajana Marga Krithis

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Sangeet Samrat Chitravina N Ravikiran



Sangeet Samrat Chitravina N Ravikiran teaches Thyagaraja’s Bhajana Marga Krithis. The Bhajana Marga Krithis are simple melodic compositions that can be rendered as a group and the simplicity of these krithis makes them easily approachable even for non-professional singers. The structure of these compositions is a Pallavi followed by multiple CharaNams in a rhetoric tune.They have been composed in Sanskrit and Telugu drawing inspirations from the Telugu ballads and folk songs of his time. These compositions preached Bhakti Marga through Bhajane or Nama Kirtana of the Lord.


Bhajana Marga Krithis of Thyagaraja
  1. Meluko dayanidhi – Sowrashtram
  2. Chelimini jalajakshi – Yadukula kambhoji
  3. Bhajare raghuveeram – Kalyani
  4. Haridasulu vedale – Yamuna kalyani
  5. Emani vegintune – Huseni
  6. Shambo shiva – Shankarabharanam
  7. Samayamu telisi – Asaveri
  8. Rara raghuveera – Athana
  9. Rama pahi – Kapi
  10. Rama namam bhajare – Madhyamavati
  11. Rama kodandarama – Bhairavi
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