Model Raga Alapanas

Learn Ragas: Model Raga Alpanas

The Model Alapana concept was introduced to enable students grasp the nuances and spirit of ragas clearly with practical examples in selected ragas. This in turn will help students in the rendition of compositions as well as neraval, kalpana-swaras etc. Practical tips on how to open, develop, build up and wind down around key phrases of prominent ragas have been given in these series so that the essential features of the raga are brought out clearly and beautifully. Equally importantly, tips will be given on what are the avoidable CMCM – Common Mistakes in Carnatic Music. This course is taught by the maestro Sangeet Samrat Chitravina Ravikiran and he brings his experience and expertise to this comprehensive course on the aspect of kalpana swarams in Carnatic Music.


Model Raga Alapanas
  1. Abheri Model Raga Alapana
  2. Behag Model Raga Alapana
  3. Reetigowla Model Raga Alapana
  4. Sahana Model Raga Alapana
  5. Shankarabharanam Model Raga Alapana
  6. Yadukula kambhoji Model Raga Alapana
  7. Ahiri Model Raga Alapana
  8. Anandabhairavi Model Raga Alapana
  9. Pantuvarali Model Raga Alapana
  10. Lalitha Model Raga Alapana
  11. Purvikalyani Model Raga Alapana
  12. Surati Model Raga Alapana
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