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Sangeeta Siksha Peetam (Convener: Dr. Nanditha Ravi ) conducted the Laya Saaraamrtam Session with Sangita Kalanidhi Chitravina N Ravikiran on July 15th at Chennai. The deferred webcast is now available on Acharyanet for the benefit of students. The following topics were covered in this session:

General concepts:

  • What is Laya?
  • The relationship between laya and rasa.

Key points:

  • Strengthening fundamental concepts in laya – executing speed variations precisely with recommended exercises.
  • Choosing the right tempo or kaalapramanam.
  • Understanding musical expressions accurately in the context of laya. 
  • Importance of practicing the sarali varisais, alankarams , varnams in multiple speeds.
  • Awareness of kaalapramanam or maintaining tempo when changing nadais or speeds.
  • Importance of  putting tala clearly with the rhythm and angas shown clearly. 
  • Examples of trying exercises, finishes and korvais in different ragas.
  • Guidance on choosing the right tempo before attempting exercises in multiple speeds.
  • Importance of mastering fundamentals and sing with raga bhavam before trying advanced concepts. 


  • Simple exercises to render  varisais in multiple speeds  in a single avartanam.
  • Difference between Jaati and Gati  with an example of rendering the  Bhairavi ata tala varnam in 5 jaatis. 
  • Example of a pancha jaati pallavi. 
  • Demonstration of rendering the mohanam adi tala varnam in pancha nadai.  
  • Demonstration of rendering the  pallavi, anupallavi and muktayi swarams of the Mohanam adi tala varnam  in one avartanam. 
  •  Concept of  Chaturashra tishram  with  examples.
  • Demonstration of performing tishram in a 3/4 eduppu Pallavi from the eduppu.

Sangeeta Siksha Peetam


To bring together teachers, scholars, musicians and students on a common platform to provide a step-by-step approach to systematically augment student skills, together appreciating Carnatic Music. Thereby promoting the enhancement of knowledge


To mentor and augment the existing knowledge of a student, by providing exposure in keeping with traditional ways of learning and interacting with teachers, scholars and musicians, thus leading to a holistic appreciation of Carnatic Music and honing of skills.

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