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Dr. Jayapradha Ramamurthy

Dr. Jayaprada is one of the outstanding flute artists of India, with unparalleled artistic caliber. Hailing from Hyderabad, she has been acclaimed as an extraordinary performer, in the field of Classical Music. A recipient of National award & State award, Dr. Jayaprada has been acknowledged as the first female flute artiste of the twin states of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. She is the daughter of renowned carnatic vocalist Smt.Prema Ramamurthy, and Shri.O.Venkataramana Ramamurthy of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Mumbai. A self-taught flutist and a self-made musician, Dr.Jayaprada later came under the expert tutelage of Sangita Kalanidhi’ Flute Dr.N.Ramani and she is one of his senior most disciples in Carnatic Flute. She has also received musical guidance from veteran musicians BRC.Iyengar, Sudarsanacharya & N.S.Srinivasan. She was advised to play the base flute by the flute maestro Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, during her numerous interactions with the Maestro.


Dr.Jayaprada renders only solo flute concerts in India and abroad. She is the youngest and the first female recipient of ‘A-grade’ from All India Radio & Doordarshan (Telugu states). She is a recipient of National Award at New Delhi and State Award of United Andhra Pradesh. She was awarded National Fellowship at New Delhi and Doctorate at Osmania University Hyderabad for her outstanding research work.


Dr.Jayaprada is one of the youngest musicians to be nominated for the prestigious “Padma Shri” Award by both Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.


She has had unique opportunity to perform in the presence of Honorable Presidents of India, Sri.Pranab Mukherjee and Sri.K.R.Narayanan. She is the first Carnatic flute player to have been invited to render a solo flute recital in the presence of One Lakh members as audience, at the prestigious Bengal Music Festival held at Dhaka. She was specially invited to render a solo flute recital for the Indian Broadcasting day concert hosted by Prasar Bharati & All India Radio. She has received several national and international awards, rewards and felicitations, both as a musician and as an academician. She has published several papers and has held seminars in USA and India. She has been honored as the ‘Best Flutist’ at the Chennai December Music Season by renowned Sabhas such as Madras Music Academy, Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Indian Fine Arts society, Bharat Kalachar & others. She has been conferred the honor of ‘Asthana Vidushi’ by Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, Mysore Datta Peetham and many other renowned religious establishments in India.


Dr.Jayaprada has performed extensively for prestigious concerts, organizations & music festivals in India, USA, Europe, UAE, UK, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other countries, purely as a solo flute artiste, propagating classical music on the bamboo flute. An audio clipping of Dr.Jayaprada’s flute music is archived at the Amsterdam Tropical Museum, where she received a standing ovation for her brilliant performance.


She was specially invited by renowned film music director of Telugu film Industry Shri.M.M.Keeravani to play flute for his upcoming movie projects since 2016. She has also composed music for national award winning director NH.Prasad for his art film. Besides her solo flute concerts, she is presently working on scoring music for various art films, short films, documentaries & features both in India and abroad. She has performed a special collaboration concert with ‘Sangita Kalanidhi’ Chitravina Shri.N.Ravikiran at Chennai, which received rave reviews. She is one of the lead flute players at the prestigious Tiruvayaru Tyagaraja Aradhana. She continues to be a celebrated performer for various state functions hosted by the Government. She has performed in the presence of several dignitaries including the Vice-President of India, Prime Minister of Nepal, Parliamentarians of India & other countries, Foreign Dignitaries, Governors, Chief Ministers of various states, and many other distinguished personalities. She regularly performs for fund-raisers and charitable causes around the world. Dr.Jayaprada has performed for several notable concerts in India such as Akashvani Sangeet Sammelan, Kendra Sangeet Natak Akademi, National Program of Music, National Theater Festival, Pt.Bhimsen Joshi Samaroh, Dept. of Culture & Tourism Festivals, Government Festivals – to mention a few.


Dr.Jayaprada has been conferred honorary world and national records by various institutions, as the first female flute artiste, to perform improvisations in classical music using transposed fingering. Dr.Jayaprada is training several young students in playing classical music on flute, many of whom are national level scholarship holders (CCRT & HRD) in flute. She has authored a book titled ‘Basics of Flute Playing’, for self-learning of flute, which is the first of its kind in classical music. She is also a prolific music composer for private albums, themes & TV Channels. She is presently working on scoring music for art films. She has produced several audio & video albums of her solo flute concerts. Her albums are available in leading websites such as i-tunes, amazon, flipkart, etc. as ringtones. She has been lauded as a highly innovative music composer for many themes & albums. She has been acclaimed as an outstanding performer by art critics, connoisseurs, media and audiences around the world. She is regularly featured on national & international television, radio channels, web-casts and other digital media for concerts, interviews & talk shows. She has been critically acclaimed & extensively reviewed by various global news publications.


Her flute playing techniques reflect perfect adherence to pitch, soothing & melodious tonal quality, powerful blowing, immaculate sense of rhythmic precision, mathematical wizardry in Swaraprasthara and meditative musical exposition. She infuses Hindustani and Carnatic styles during her concert presentations. She has unique innovations to her credit like rolling fingering, group-flute ensembles, using the western-key flute for improvisations etc. She has innovated a new raga and has named it ‘UMA’. She has created few special compositions in select Indian ragas, specially for performing on the Western-Key Flute. Dr.Jayaprada has been applauded as one of the finest artists of the country, and she has received standing ovations for her outstanding performances around the world.


Dr.Jayaprada’s ‘FLUTE ENSEMBLE’, the first of its kind in the country, portrays some of the finest aspects of the Indian Flute. The Indian ‘Flute Ensemble’ theme was initiated in 2007 through an audio album that was brought out by Swati Sanskriti at Chennai, India. Ever since the Flute ensemble theme has been presented at esteemed music festivals in India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh. Dr.Jayaprada’s thematic innovations/compositions include the titles – ‘VIVARTA – The Reincarnation’, ‘SAMEERAM’, ‘MOHANA MURALI’, ‘SUSWARA’, ‘MANDHARI’, ‘The Boatmans Song’. The ‘Flute Ensemble’ theme brings out the countless shades of the echoing wind that voyages through the bamboo, depicting the various manifestations of a Raaga that reincarnates with every improvised phrase of music. The melodious music that emanates from the bass & piccolo kinds of bamboo flute is supported by an impelling group of percussion instruments, whose rhythm coalesces into a beautiful aural imagery, bringing in an oscillation between resonance and silence. A unique feature of Dr.Jayaprada’s Ensemble – it does not include any electronic instruments, and only features natural handmade Indian musical instruments and the Western Key Flute.

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