Carnatic Deontic – Present your rendition in front of a Super Jury of Eminent Gurus!



Acharyanet is happy to present CARNATIC DEONTIC! , a one of a kind event designed to encourage and motivate aspiring students to reach greater heights in  Carnatic Music Learning. This is NOT A COMPETITION! Just present your rendition in front of a SUPER JURY of Eminent Gurus and let them give you feedback on what you are doing right and how you can improve. Not only do you receive feedback on your rendition, you can also benefit from the feedback given to other participants! Its an opportunity  of a lifetime! The best part is that it will be conducted ONLINE and you can make your presentation from the comfort of your home!

How will the event be conducted?

The event will be conducted online in a video conference format in front of the judges and other participants in a virtual stage setting. The event will be recorded and shared with the participants as a video for reference purposes.


What of the event time does not work for me?

If you are in a time zone like Europe or Africa that makes it difficult to participate  live, please send us a video sample and we will present it to the judges during the actual event. Since the event will be recorded, we will send you the entire recording with the judges feedback as well. You are still welcome to attend the event and listen in.


Who can take part in this?

Vocalists, Instrumentalists and Percussionists above 5 years of age. (Only Vocalists & Instrumentalists admitted in the Beginner Category). The event timings have been chosen to allow the maximum number of people to participate irrespective of their geographic location. Please email if you have any questions.


What can I present?

Beginner Category Participants may present any musical piece from the Pre-Varnam selection  right from Varisais, Alankarams, Geethams, Swarajathis,  Simple Varnams to Simple Krithis.

Intermediate/Advanced Category Participants may present either a Composition or a Manodharma (Improvisation) Segment. Participants may register for more than one category. Percussionists may present anything of their choice.


What are the dates for the event? 

The contest is scheduled for May 14th  6am IST for the Beginner Category and May 14th 7 am IST for the Intermediate/Advanced Levels. Depending on the number of registrations , the timings may change within the day which will be confirmed 2 weeks in advance.


What is the significance of this event?

We know that its the dream of every aspiring student to get feedback from some of the foremost experts in the music field and this event is aimed at making that a reality. With the feedback given by great gurus, we hope that students implement those measures to improve significantly and are inspired to go to greater heights!


What is the time duration of a presentation?
Students are required to be prepared for a 3-5 minute rendition. However, the  Gurus reserve the right to decide the final duration required to make a fair assessment of the student’s strengths and weaknesses.


Why is the event conducted online?

The event is conducted online to allow the maximum number of students to benefit from the event. We have conducted many online events with great success and will ensure that it is a smooth experience for all! Your geographic location does not matter. If you think you can join us for the time specified, go ahead and register!


How do I register for the event? 

Participants can go to the Registration Page and submit their details.  Upon payment of the Registration Fee of $50 (1200Rs for Indian Students) , we will keep you updated about the final timings and procedure for taking part in the online event.

Since we have a limited availability of slots, please register in advance.


Can I participate in more than one category?

Definitely. Please make separate registrations for separate categories.


Who is the Super Jury?

The  Super Jury refers to the the panel of Iconic Gurus chosen to preside the event. The Super Jury for the Intermediate/Advanced Category will include Sangita Kalanidhi Dr. T. V Gopalakrishnan, Sangeet Samrat Chitravina N Ravikiran and Lalgudi Smt Vijayalakshmi. The Super Jury for the Beginner Category may include the same gurus or vary depending on the number of registrations and will be announced shortly.

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