We are happy to announce the results of the Indian Music Spelling Bee Contest which was jointly run by the Melharmony Foundation and Acharyanet.com.

The concept of the Indian Music Spelling Bee was first conceptualized by the maestro Shri Chitravina Ravikiran and we introduced the concept in an online format to allow students to participate globally. We received an overwhelming response from students all over the world and the online format provided the opportunity for many students to take part from the comfort of their homes. Participants first completed a preliminary theory round to qualify for the finals. The students were divided into three categories based on the learning backgrounds- elementary, intermediate and advanced. The final rounds were conducted online as well under the supervision of eminent judges and final results were announced at the Melharmony Festival in Madison, WI on Nov 27th, 2016.


The participants were tested by eminent judges Shri Kunnakudi Balamurali Krishna and Chinmaya Sisters, Smt Uma and Radhika. Cash prizes and Acharyanet memberships were awarded to the winners to help them improve their knowledge by learning from great masters.


The  goal of the competition was to encourage youngsters to think about honing a very essential skill in music which would help them not only learn music effectively but also to be able to notate and sing clearly with the help of the notating system. We congratulate each and every participant for taking the challenge and being open to new discoveries. We hope the students will continue their journey in music with the guidance and blessings of their mentors and gurus.



Spelling Bee Winners