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  • sathish-kumar

Sadhana or Rigorous practice in Music- Patri Satish Kumar

Patri Satish Kumar, a versatile and accomplished mridangam artiste talks about the importance of sadhana or rigorous practice in music.


Here is a […]

  • kiranavali

What makes a complete musician ? – Kiranavali Vidyashankar

Acharyanet recently interviewed accomplished Vidushi Smt Kiranavali Vidyashankar on the topic of “What makes a complete musician?” The video interview contains some thoughts shared […]

  • spellingbee-winners

Indian Music Spelling Bee Contest Results

We are happy to announce the results of the Indian Music Spelling Bee Contest which was jointly run by the Melharmony Foundation and Acharyanet.com.
The concept […]

  • sanjay-image

The Key to Success in Music – Sanjay Suresh – 12 Year Old from Madison, WI

Sanjay Suresh, a gifted 12 year old violinist learning with guru Shri Chitravina N Ravikiran shares his views on the “Key to Success” in […]

  • kailash

Thoughts of a 12 year old sitar player on his first stage performance.

Meet the talented youngster, Kailash Ranganathan, a Sitar student of Pt Habib Khan who recently gave his Gandabandhan (Arangetram) concert in the Bay Area,CA,USA. […]

  • alapanacontest

Acharyanet Alapana Contest Results

The beauty of Carnatic Music is to bring the essence of a raga in even a few seconds. Acharyanet ran an online one minute alapana […]

  • voice videos

Voice Culture Videos with tips from Carnatic Musicians

Acharyanet has included some interviews with top Carnatic Musicians on this page. Many valuable tips have been provided to improve the singing voice.

  • cyber music

Cyber Music School – The Hindu

One hundred years ago a musical classroom might have been the beaten ground underneath a banyan tree or a simple spare room in a guru’s […]

  • arulalalan

A Thousand Ways to Praise God – Arulaalan Tiramellam in Shankarabharanam

A Thousand Ways to Praise

By Shri P.K Sundar

Arulaalan Tiramellam – Shankarabharanam – Mishra Chapu – Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi

Most of the songs Venkata Kavi composed on […]

  • dance of bliss

Dance of Bliss – By the Lord of the Dance

Contributed By P.K Sundar

Contrary to popular opinion and belief, Venkata Kavi did not restrict himself to composing on Krishna. It is just that the songs […]

  • carnatic role

Carnatic Music – Role and Popularity

An excerpt from Perfecting Carnatic Music Level 1 E-book by Chitravina N Ravikiran.  – Part 1

The art of music is like an ocean. It is […]

  • favourite ragas

Mohanam and Kalyani – My Favourite Ragas

By Varsha Kumar

When a person who has a certain passion for carnatic music is asked to tell their most favourite raga it proves to be […]

  • seamless korvais

Seamless Korvais – The Elegance of Numbers

Learn about some intricate ways to form korvais or rhythmic patterns from this recorded session at The Music Academy presented by Sangeet Samrat Chitravina […]

  • 9 chitravina

Ravikiran with 9-Chitravina Orchestra

Listen to the beautiful sounds of 9 chitravina orchestra led by Sangeet Samrat Chitravina N Ravikiran in presenting Thyagaraja’s Pancharatna Krithis
Nava Chitravina Orchestra on […]

  • voice abhishek

Voice Culture – Interview with Abhishek Raghuram

Acharyanet interviewed well-known Carnatic vocalist Abhishek Raghuram, as a part of our ongoing series on Voice Culture in Carnatic Music.
  • voice ranjini gayathri

Interview with Ranjini and Gayathri – Voice Culture

Acharyanet interviewed well-known Carnatic vocal duo Ranjini and Gayathri as a part of our ongoing series on Voice Culture in Carnatic Music.  Please share your feedback with […]

  • voice culture 9

Voice Culture – Good Articulation – Part 9

It is important for any singer to have a goal in mind when singing, usually to communicate a feeling or meaning to the listener or […]

  • voice culture 8

Voice Culture – The nasal twang and resonance – Part 8

Vocal resonation refers to the process by which the basic sound produced by the buzzing sound of the vocal cords vibration is enhanced in timbre […]

  • voice culture 7

Voice Culture – An open throat – Part 7

In our previous article, we established the processes involved in breathing and how a good understanding of breathing anatomy could help a singer maximize their […]

  • voice culture 6

Voice Culture – Breathing and Singing – Part 6

In our previous article on “Breath as the fuel of voice production”, , we established that singing involves 4 phases namely, inhalation, exhalation, […]

  • voice culture 5

Voice Culture – Breathing and Singing – Part 5

In our previous article on “Breath as the fuel of voice production”, , we established that singing involves 4 phases namely, inhalation, exhalation, […]

  • voice culture 4

Voice Culture – Breath as the Fuel for Voice Production – Part 4

Music teachers often like to use the term , “sing with breath support” or sing from the “nabhi” (belly area) when teaching students. These terms […]

  • voice culture 3

Voice Culture – Lets talk some more. – Part 3

Fundamentals of Voice Production

Singing can be considered to be a highly energized mode of expression involving emotions and an intent to convey some feeling. When […]

  • voice culture 2

Voice Culture – Lets talk some more. – Part 2

We started off with some general concepts of what voice culture means to Carnatic music singers in our previous post. We even posted a nice […]

  • voice culture 1

Voice Culture – What it all means? – Part 1

Voice Culture is a common term heard these days. Pavarotti knew its secrets as did MS Subbulaxmi. For us lesser mortals, what does it mean?Fundamentally […]